Cincinnati Bengals offensive coordinator Brian Callahan made a comment this week that highlights the team’s need for a major roster addition.

Callahan pointed out that Cincinnati has three “really good wide receivers” (Ja’Marr Chase, Tee Higgins, and Tyler Boyd). And those three wide receivers will be taking nearly all the reps during training camp.

“We have three really good receivers, they’re going to take almost every rep humanly possible,” said Callahan.

While it’s great that Cincy has three high-caliber wide receivers, it’s not great that those three wide receivers are going to accumulate a ridiculous amount of mileage this season — making an injury to one of those three more likely.

According to’s Charlie Goldsmith, the Bengals’ No. 4 wide receiver ran the fewest routes in the NFL last year compared to every other team’s No. 4 wide receiver.

I get the Bengals’ thought process on this. If you have three really talented wide receivers, why use a far less talented No. 4 wide receiver to make things easier on the opposing defense?

Cincinnati doesn’t have strong wide receiver depth. That’s fine as long as no one gets hurt this season. Good teams, however, prepare for injuries.

The Bengals need to find a quality No. 4 wide receiver that can take some of the pressure off Cincy’s top three wide receivers while also providing insurance against an injury.

Free agent wide receivers T.Y. Hilton or Will Fuller would be good fits for the Bengals. Both have battled injuries in the past, but they could thrive in a part-time role with Cincy. They’re both deep threats that could add an interesting wrinkle to the Bengals’ offense.

The Bengals have almost everything they need to win a Super Bowl. They just need to tie up a few loose ends — like wide receiver depth — to make sure they have the best chance possible to hoist the Lombardi Trophy at the end of the year.

Featured image via Sam Greene/The Enquirer / USA TODAY NETWORK