Cincinnati Bengals wide receiver Ja’Marr Chase told a small lie recently and it made a teammate mad.

Chase told GQ that he buys all of quarterback Joe Burrow’s clothes.

“Joe literally won’t buy his own clothes,” said Chase to GQ. “He always asks me to shop for him and drop it off at the house. He’s not really into fashion like that, he cool with his lil khakis and skinny jeans.”

That statement apparently wasn’t accurate.

The star wide receiver admitted to reporters on Wednesday that he doesn’t actually buy Burrow’s clothes and drop them off at his house.

Chase said Burrow wasn’t happy about the comments in GQ.

“Now I might really have to buy him some,” said Chase.

I doubt Burrow is actually mad. But I’m sure he sent Chase a “what the hell bro” text after seeing the comments that lit up the internet for a few hours.

This could be an opportunity for the Bengals to have some fun. Maybe after every win, Chase gets to pick out Burrow’s post-game outfit for the next week. That would be fun for everyone (well, maybe everyone except Burrow). The Bengals’ official Twitter account could even highlight the process that goes into Chase picking out the clothes for Burrow.

Look, I just gave Cincinnati a great idea for quality content that features their two most popular players. They’d be foolish to pass up such a great idea.

Featured image via Sam Greene/Cincinnati Enquirer / USA TODAY NETWORK