Cincinnati Bengals quarterback Joe Burrow wasn’t a big fan of one of the franchise’s slogans last season.

Bengals wide receiver Trenton Irwin, a former Stanford Cardinal, recently appeared on the “Getcha Popcorn Ready with T.O. & Hatch” podcast to discuss a variety of topics.

Irwin pointed out that Burrow hated the “Why not us?” slogan that was posted around Cincinnati’s facility and used by fans last season.

“There was a saying that was on the wall that week, a lot of the fans were saying it, social media was saying it, they were saying ‘why not us?’,” said Irwin. “That was coming into Raiders week or maybe going into the week after that and Joe had something to say on that. He didn’t like that at all because he didn’t like that underdog narrative.”

“He never felt like we ever lost a game, we just sort of ran out of time…he just said screw that thing, that ain’t us. We don’t need to carry that with us.”

Burrow is just built different. A lot of professional athletes love taking hold of the underdog narrative and using it as motivation. Burrow’s motivation, however, is simple — he just wants to win. Always. No matter what. He doesn’t need any added motivation.

Not many people have that trait. Tom Brady, Kobe Bryant, Derek Jeter. Those are the types of athletes that remind me of Burrow. Players who make those around them better and have a desire to win that rivals anyone else on the planet.

Burrow is special. Bengals fans already know it. And soon, the rest of the NFL will have no choice but to agree.

Featured image via Sam Greene/The Enquirer / USA TODAY NETWORK