The Cincinnati Bengals‘ 2022 season hasn’t gotten off to the start that most folks expected.

Cincinnati was favored by at least a touchdown in each of their first two games this season and they lost both matchups.

There’s a lot of season left and the Bengals are only one game back in the AFC North, but there are some obvious issues (like the offensive line) that need to be fixed moving forward.

One reason the Bengals have struggled early this season is because of the way opposing teams are defending their offense.

Teams are essentially dropping extra defenders in coverage to take away the big play. They can do this because of Cincinnati’s offensive line issues.

Sep 18, 2022; Arlington, Texas, USA; Cincinnati Bengals quarterback Joe Burrow (9) runs out of the pocket in the second quarter of an NFL Week 2 game against the Dallas Cowboys at AT&T Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Kareem Elgazzar-The Cincinnati Enquirer

Bengals quarterback Joe Burrow is well aware of why teams have been successful defending Cincy’s offense.

And he knows the Bengals have to make some adjustments.

But he’s not freaking out — which isn’t a surprise to anyone who has kept up with Burrow the last couple of years.

In the most Burrow-way possible, the third-year Cincinnati quarterback told reporters after the loss to the Dallas Cowboys that the Bengals need to come up with some “Tampa-2 beaters” to keep teams honest.

“We’ve got a great coaching staff who I know will make the corrections for us and tell us what we need to do to get better,” said Burrow on Sunday. “We’ve got the players to go and make it happen. I think we’ve got to make more explosive plays, maybe find a couple of ‘2 Tampa’ beaters that will get us some explosive plays. But I’ll go back and watch the film.”

Burrow also knows running the ball is important to keeping defenses honest.

“The run game is critical, especially when teams are going to play ‘2 Tampa’ the whole game against us,” explained Burow. “I thought we were efficient. We lacked the big explosive runs today, but those will come. Thought we were efficient in the run game.”

“We think if we start running the ball a little better then that will open it up and teams will have to get out of ‘2 Tampa’ shell,” added Burrow.

The fact Burrow isn’t panicking should be reassuring to Bengals fans.

Burrow understands the problem and he and the coaching staff are working to correct the problem.

And based on the way this team adjusted to poor offensive line play last season, I’d say they’ll figure things out pretty quickly.

Burrow’s confidence is what this team needs. It’s what the fan base needs. And it’s going to be a big reason why the Bengals get this thing turned around.

Featured image via Tim Heitman-USA TODAY Sports