You don’t need to be Vince Lombardi or Bear Bryant to know that Cincinnati Bengals quarterback Joe Burrow didn’t play well against the Pittsburgh Steelers in week one of the regular reason.

Burrow turned the ball over five times in the Bengals’ 23-20 loss to Pittsburgh.

Despite the bad game, Burrow still almost led Cincinnati to a win.

The Bengals played about as badly as they possibly could’ve and they still nearly beat a team with a great defense that will likely reach the playoffs this season.

While Burrow played bad at times, he still showed a lot of the traits that have already made him a superstar in just his third season in the league., however, felt like Burrow’s not-so-great game means bad things for the Bengals this season.

They also feel like Burrow is the biggest “faller” of the week.


This wasn’t the same quarterback who led the Bengals to the Super Bowl last season. He forced too many passes, turned the ball over five times (four interceptions, one fumble lost), including a pick-six on his team’s first possession in an overtime loss to Pittsburgh. Burrow nearly pulled off a comeback, but he has to play better for Cincinnati to repeat as AFC North champs.

Bengals QB Joe Burrow
Sep 11, 2022; Cincinnati, Ohio, USA; Cincinnati Bengals quarterback Joe Burrow (9) throws under presser during the fourth quarter of a Week 1 NFL football game against the Pittsburgh Steelers at Paycor Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Sam Greene-USA TODAY Sports

Maybe it’s just me, but I had the opposite feeling about Burrow after watching this game.

Every quarterback that’s ever played in the NFL has had a bad game. From Peyton Manning to Tom Brady and everyone in between (Brady has thrown four interceptions in a game on six occasions).

The fact Burrow played badly, made mistakes, and still almost led his team to a win (it should’ve been a win if the extra point isn’t missed at the end of regulation) shows me a lot about Burrow as a quarterback.

Burrow is tenacious and resilient. He’s never going to stop fighting in a game — regardless of how bad he’s played, how many hits he’s taken, or what the scoreboard says.

Bad games happen. There will be more in Burrow’s career. This one game shouldn’t define him. And I bet changes its tune by the end of the season.

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