I’ve heard a lot of bad Joe Burrow takes over the last couple of years, but a recent comment from former NFL Pro-Bowl running back LeSean McCoy might be the worst one I’ve ever heard.

McCoy, who retired last year after an NFL career that spanned 12 seasons, recently appeared on the I Am Athlete podcast and suggested that Burrow and Pittsburgh Steelers quarterback Kenny Pickett are essentially the same players.

“Joe Burrow, Kenny Pickett, I can’t see the difference,” said McCoy. “I see a guy that’s tough.” 

There’s no way he actually believes that, right?

I know McCoy and Pickett both played college football for the Pittsburgh Panthers, so there’s definitely some bias here. But even then, McCoy still has to know that we’re seeing the start of an extremely special career with Burrow, while we have no idea what kind of NFL career Pickett will have.

To be fair, maybe Pickett ends up being a perennial Pro-Bowler. We just don’t know at this point in his young career.

Burrow, however, is already proving that’s an elite NFL player. I mean, this is a player who took the Cincinnati Bengals, a franchise that was a punchline for many years, to the Super Bowl just two years after Cincinnati went 2-14. There aren’t many players in NFL history that can claim that.

And let’s not forget about Burrow’s incredible 2019 season at LSU — which was one of the best seasons ever by a college quarterback (it would be the best season ever without a doubt if not for Cam Newton’s 2010 season at Auburn). We knew before he was in the NFL that Burrow had a shot to be a great pro player.

McCoy is out of his mind if he thinks Pickett is in the same league as Burrow right now. There’s no one who follows football closely who believes that. I bet Pickett doesn’t even feel the same way.

Perhaps McCoy should actually watch some Bengals game in 2022.

Featured image via Sam Greene/The Enquirer / USA TODAY NETWORK