The Cincinnati Bengals‘ biggest move of the offseason was overhauling their offensive line by signing three veterans to somewhat lucrative free agent deals.

One of those veterans — La’el Collins — had a bold statement to make after signing with the Bengals.

“Your new bodyguard is in town,” said Collins.

Burrow has already been sacked 13 times this year.

He’s on pace to be sacked 110 times this season. I seriously doubt that happens — Burrow would probably be in the hospital by that point — but it’s still extremely concerning.

Collins, who is starting at right tackle for Cincinnati, isn’t doing much to help keep Burrow upright.

This past week, he was the lowest graded player (per Pro Football Focus) on the Bengals’ offensive line.

So much for Burrow’s new bodyguard. Collins, along with the rest of the offensive line, need to take a long look in the mirror. Their performance is going to determine whether or not the Bengals reach the Super Bowl again. And if they don’t get things turned around quickly, the Super Bowl could become a pipe dream for Cincinnati.

Featured image via Katie Stratman-USA TODAY Sports