The Cincinnati Bengals seem to be the “it team” right now.

And that’s unusual territory for the Bengals.

The national media has spent all week praising quarterback Joe Burrow. Numerous talking heads have suggested he’s the best quarterback in the NFL right now.

Those same talking heads are leaning toward Cincinnati beating the Kansas City Chiefs in the AFC Championship game, too.

Bengals fans, however, shouldn’t fall into the trap that’s being set by the national media.

If things go south, or Cincy struggles, they’ll turn on the Bengals. And we know that because of what we heard from the national media for the last 10 years.

Remember in 2020 before Burrow was drafted by Cincinnati and folks like Dan Patrick and Fox Sports’ Colin Cowherd suggested that Burrow should refuse to sign with the Bengals?

Yeah, those things were said.

Those same voices are now all about the Bengals and Burrow.

I fully believe that Cincinnati is entering a period where they’re going to be an annual Super Bowl contender. But there will still be some rough times here and there (like the start of the 2022 season).

And when those rough times come, the Bengals won’t get the benefit of the doubt like the Chiefs or other media darlings. They’ll turn on Cincy in a quick minute.

Fans should enjoy the positive attention for now, but they should also keep the national media at a distance. They showed Cincinnati fans who they were two years ago when they trashed the Bengals every single chance they got.

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