It’s clear multiple factors went into the Dallas Cowboys’ offense declining drastically in the backend of the 2021 regular season. Offensive coordinator Kellen Moore went from fan favorite to “hot seat” discussions in the blink of an eye, Dak Prescott didn’t win Comeback Player of the Year, and the team lost in the first round of the playoffs.

Once considered a unit that could take the Cowboys to the Super Bowl, the offense simply was never the same.

ESPN analyst Mina Kimes provided some insight on what could be the biggest reason why such a decline took place.

“He is mobile and at his best, the threat of him scrambling, and throwing on the move is a big part of what’s made this Cowboys offense so dangerous when he’s healthy,” said Mina Kimes on ESPN’s NFL Live.

As she always does, Kimes backed her claims up by sharing the numbers on Prescott’s performance on designed rollouts and scrambles. Prescott’s quarterback rating went down from 93 to 46 after the calf injury he suffered versus the New England Patriots.

“(Prescott’s) health is the single biggest reason why they struggled last year,” concluded Kimes.

The Dallas Cowboys have never built a lot of designed runs for Dak, but it’s clear his ability to move around is of tremendous help in the passing game. Earlier this offseason, Mike McCarthy also mentioned Prescott’s mobility coming back from injury.

In a year that features question marks across the offensive line and wide receiver, the need for Prescott to elevate the entire offense is clear. If the coaching staff is able to put him in a position to do so by using one of his biggest strengths, life should be easier for Dak.

Fortunately, the offseason had nothing but good news for Cowboys Nation regarding Prescott’s health.

Featured image via David Butler II-USA TODAY Sports