Dallas Cowboys fans hadn’t seen anything like Trevon Diggs in a long, long time.

Leave the heated debates about where he ranks among NFL cornerbacks for another day. What he was able to do as a ball-hawk in 2021 was out of this world. I mean, 11 interceptions in one single season?

That’s unprecedented in today’s NFL. Sure, Cowboys CB Everson Walls once racked up 11 himself in 1981. But hear me out, out of the 28 players in NFL history that have recorded 11 or more picks in a single season, only Diggs has done it since Walls.

How did he pull it off? Get ready for some answers.

On Thursday, A to Z Sports made multiple exciting announcements about the future of the NFL coverage you will be able to get here. Among those, A to Z Sports Film Room was announced.

“The channel provides audiences with in-depth film analysis unavailable on game broadcasts and sports talk shows,” read the press release. Breakdowns on the Dallas Cowboys will be available as well.

It is my pleasure to introduce Cowboys Nation to the platform hosted by James Foster with a film breakdown of each of Diggs’ 11 picks.

In the breakdown, Foster outlines the coverage, technique, and context of each of the plays. He points out the Cowboys’ CB play recognition, recovery, and “outstanding” plays on the ball.

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Featured image via Tim Heitman-USA TODAY Sports