Dallas Cowboys offensive coordinator Kellen Moore has been under fire all week after a disappointing performance from the offense in Week 1. While it was no secret the Cowboys were heading into the season with significant personnel issues – particularly at offensive line and wide receiver – more was expected from Moore.

Instead, the Cowboys didn’t seem to hold any sort of schematic advantage throughout the game. After the game, Bucs LB Devin White even claimed they knew exactly what was coming their way as a defense.

Overall, not ideal. So as the Cowboys get ready for their first game without Dak Prescott, the concerns are massive for the offense. Mike McCarthy discussed where Kellen Moore stands in Friday’s press conference.

“My job is to make sure all three coordinators are teed up to be successful,” said McCarthy. “I make sure Kellen knows that I’m there. We’re going to take a lap today through the call sheet, maybe a little bit longer than we normally do. The most important thing is not to overreact.”

“Let’s be honest, in Kellen’s time as a coordinator, he’s been able to play very very aggressively,” elaborated the Cowboys HC. “But we’re in a phase right now that we’ve got to be a little smarter in certain situations. That’s part of growing as a play-caller.”

While you don’t want to overreact to comments from a head coach in a Friday press conference, chances are Cowboys Nation’s eyebrows couldn’t help but raise after hearing that. For the most part, Kellen Moore hasn’t been publicly questioned by the Cowboys coaching staff or front office. Even if it’s not the biggest of comments McCarthy could’ve made, the approach was at least different.

Let’s be real with the situation the Cowboys are facing right now. Without Dak for the next few weeks, the season is in serious jeopardy. Once a division favorite, Dallas currently has the longest odds to win the NFC East.

As such, injuries or not, Mike McCarthy came into the season with one of the hottest seats in the league. Deep down, the head coach is aware of this. His comments might be about to be overblown by everybody in the media and the fanbase but it’s true that they’re different than the usual unquestionable confidence shown in Moore.

If push comes to shove, McCarthy could be forced to take over play-calling to save his job as it commonly happens with coaches who are at risk of being fired. The conversation is made even more interesting after rumors of McCarthy not knowing the Cowboys’ offensive language.

This whole storyline might sound like an exaggeration to many but that’s the kind of situation the Cowboys are in right now. It’s only Week 2 and they’re already facing the music. It’s in this type of situation that play-calling duties need to be watched closely.

Featured image via Tim Heitman-USA TODAY Sports