When CeeDee Lamb dropped a pass that would’ve been a touchdown for the Dallas Cowboys, chaos broke out on social media. On Twitter, both fans and analysts publicly questioned whether or not the third-year player had what it takes to be a #1 wide receiver in the NFL.

As soon as the football hit the ground, all of the offseason hype that surrounded Lamb’s expected rise as WR1 vanished. Instead, fans were momentarily ready to move on from such expectations.

Lamb, as you know, had other plans. In the second half, he would rack up 67 receiving yards and a clutch, toe-tapping touchdown that put the Cowboys ahead 20-13. Earlier in the drive, he had stepped up with a tough catch on fourth-and-four to keep the chains moving and the drive alive.

For those watching, wide receiver CeeDee Lamb was redeemed. For those that share a locker room with him, he never had to. Before and after the drop, their belief in Lamb the WR1 never wavered.

“CeeDee (Lamb) has that 88 on for a reason. He is a superstar. I think he had a hell of a game,” said Cowboys running back Ezekiel Elliott after the game via the team’s YouTube Channel. “He had that one drop early, but he responded and had that big drive, that big touchdown catch. CeeDee is a hell of a player, and he’s only going to get better.”

Those plays wouldn’t have happened if it wasn’t for quarterback Cooper Rush, who remains undefeated in the NFL. After the game, the Cowboys signal-caller sounded as confident about Lamb as only a long-time, experienced, and battle-tested quarterback can.

“Yeah, I mean, he’s CeeDee Lamb,” said Rush as if there had never been a doubt on his mind he’d bounce back. “He’s going to make plays. I’m sure he wants that one back but you’re going to hang with a guy like that.”

Rush – whose trust in Lamb matters the most than anybody else’s right now – laughed when confessing he didn’t even know Lamb had caught the touchdown with one hand.

Speaking of laughs, Cowboys head coach Mike McCarthy had one himself last week when asked about the made-up “quarterback controversy” sparked by Jerry Jones’ comments. The coach claimed there was no such thing and pointed out that was just Jerry the owner – not the general manager – having some fun.

Expect a similar response from McCarthy when it comes to the WR1 conversation. The Cowboys are not hesitating on their convictions. Truth be told, they kind of don’t care what you and I think. As a fan, you’ve got to love that.

This 2022 Dallas Cowboys team has proven fans wrong in several accounts. The backup quarterback situation, and the lack of a solid kicker, among other things. For those doubting Lamb’s future after a rough drop, the plan at WR might be added to that list.

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Featured image via Danielle Parhizkaran/NorthJersey.com / USA TODAY NETWORK