Dallas Cowboys head coach Mike McCarthy is safe, per Jerry Jones’ own comments in San Francisco following the team’s second consecutive playoff loss to the 49ers.

According to NFL Network’s Ian Rapoport, it never even was at risk in the first place.

“12 and 5, 12 and 5, and every time Jerry Jones has been asked about it, he has said that there’s no issue,” said Rapoport live on Good Morning Football.

“I’m not sure if there’s any other coach in the NFL whose status we would be discussing after two 12-5 seasons, winning a playoff win,” added Rapoport.

As for the never-ending conversation around Sean Payton, Rapoport sees nothing but smoke. Honestly, that shouldn’t even be a surprise for Cowboys Nation.

“My understanding is Sean Payton does not even consider the Cowboys job to be open because it is not open,” added the NFL Network insider, “And I don’t even get the sense that Mike McCarthy has been in trouble at all ever during his Cowboys tenure.”

Believing that Payton would magically solve the issues the Cowboys have at hand is nothing but wishful thinking. The truth is this roster isn’t as good as the 49ers’ or the Eagles’ and the team needs to get significantly better to make a push deep in the playoffs.

Some argue an elite quarterback would overcome this roster and push through the adversities. That’s probably the case, but how many of those are there in this league?

Not even five. The Cowboys have a good quarterback in Dak Prescott and must figure out a way to build a better team around him that makes life easier for him.

Firing McCarthy for Payton doesn’t really do that.

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