Well, Jerry Jones might’ve been right. Dallas Cowboys fans know the owner of America’s Team will not shy away from making bold and controversial statements in front of the microphone. Plenty of times, when it comes to sports, he’s been proven wrong. And in their own way, Cowboys fans take pleasure in discussing it at length.

When it comes to business, though, Jerry is usually right. That’s why his team leads Forbe’s most valuable NFL teams rankings, which has the Cowboys valued at $6.5 billion.

Jerry Jones disagrees with that number, something he made clear last month when he claimed he could sell the Cowboys for $10 billion… if he wanted to. “I will never sell the team,” Jones told NBC Sports.

Even still, the $10 billion figure certainly raised some eyebrows. The number was more than double Forbe’s valuation and substantially higher than the Carolina Panthers’ record sale for $2.3 billion in 2018.

Recently, the Denver Broncos have been put in sale and early reports indicate the winning bid could turn out to be Rob Walton’s at $4.5 billion.* That price would make the sale 20% more expensive than the Broncos’ estimated value by Forbes ($3.75B).

*Note: It’s worth noting ESPN’s Adam Schefter later reported that there are no favorites yet, but it’d be fair to assume the number provides a ballpark at the final number. 

If it does, you can certainly see where Jerry Jones is coming from. At a 20% premium over Forbes’ valuation, the hypothetical Cowboys’ price would stand at $7.8 billion.

That number would pretty much feel like a mathematical starting point. The Cowboys are the Cowboys, though. Even after more than two decades without reaching the NFC Championship game, Dallas makes money.

Even for the 2020 season, when the pandemic struck NFL teams hard, the Cowboys had an estimated operating income of $280 million. The Patriots were second in the league with $142 million while no other team had an estimation higher than $70M.

The Dallas Cowboys brand is one of the strongest in the sports industry and it’s led by a family that knows business. If Jerry Jones believes he can sell the team for $10 billion, there aren’t many reasons to doubt there.

Featured image via Matthew Emmons-USA TODAY Sports