For a long time, the Dallas Cowboys had a coaching staff that was not seen as an advantage. The Jason Garrett Era produced countless instances in which America’s Team was said to have the lesser coaching staff heading into a giant game or against top-tier coaches.

That’s not the case anymore.

On Monday’s 40-3 beatdown of the Minnesota Vikings, Mike McCarthy’s coaching staff reinforced that. After losing a tough one at Lambeau Field in Week 10, the Cowboys wasted no time to bounce back as contenders should do in this league.

In all phases of the game, the Cowboys looked like the better team. But more specifically, they looked better prepared too, evidencing strong coaching behind the team.

Kellen Moore is quietly silencing all the criticism thrown his way during the offseason (rightful criticism, too. At least some of it).

The offensive coordinator is leading a Cowboys’ offense that has answers from under center, from the shotgun, whether running or passing. CeeDee Lamb and Tony Pollard are frequently appearing as “easy buttons” Dak Prescott can turn to throughout the game for successful plays.

And through it all, Moore’s game plans look varied and fresh every week. NFL analyst and passing game expert Nate Tice from The Athletic called this his best year as an offensive architect / play-caller.

On the other side of the football, Dan Quinn keeps showing he can put his players in favorable positions. Not only am I referring to leaving Micah Parsons at defensive end for most of the snaps and allowing Trevon Diggs to shadow top receivers but the wrinkles we see on defense every week.

His pressure packages are lethal even if the Cowboys are not among the league leaders in blitz rate. When they do turn up the heat, the effect is always felt.

And as for Mike McCarthy?

Although he doesn’t have the most responsibilities on gameday among NFL head coaches, there’s no questioning he’s the CEO of the team. And he’s leading a team that’s second to none in wins since the start of the 2021 season. Not to mention the obvious experience as a former Super Bowl winner.

This coaching staff is starting to feel like a difference-maker. As playoff talk picks up over the next few weeks and we start previewing match-ups against contending teams, consider the Cowboys one of the best groups in the NFC.

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