Dak Prescott is back to working out and seems healthy. The Dallas Cowboys still want him to be their Quarterback, but at what price? That seems to be the snag between both sides. Reportedly, Dak and his agent want him to become one of the highest-paid QBs in the league – possibly right behind Chiefs QB Patrick Mahomes. The would put Prescott most likely in around the 36-42 million dollar per year range. Mahomes is at $45 million per season while Texans (for now) QB Deshaun Watson is currently at $39 million yearly. Dallas has some leverage, but how will they deploy it?

Firstly, Dak is coming off of a major injury. The Cowboys could be apprehensive because they know that Dak’s mobility puts him at a higher risk to sustain another injury like the one he is currently recovering from. Although, it sounds like his rehab process is going about as swiftly as anyone could have asked for.

Prescott should be fully recovered and ready to go for all physical off-season activities. It has been a process, but Dak has reportedly been ahead of schedule the entire time after the injury. The Cowboys may want to see that progress in the form of OTAs and mini-camp. Although, it could be too late to nail down an extension by then. Dak and his camp seem to be ready to get something done for his long-term future soon.

Not to mention, Russell Wilson mentioned the Cowboys as a potential trade suitor that he would be interested in going to if Seattle decides to trade him. That, at the very least, seems intriguing. Joe Marino of The Draft Network discussed the possibility of Dallas trading for Russ on a podcast episode of Draft Dudes last week. Marino explained, “I think they could leverage a tag and trade scenario with Dak Prescott…you solve two issues with that weird contract situation.” That certainly makes sense because the Cowboys do have the best Quarterback of the teams mentioned that they could send back to Seattle.

Plus, this time of year is “smokescreen season” for organizations and players. That means that not all reports are what they seem to be, and information will leak to try to give different people the advantage in contract or trade negotiations. The Cowboys know that. Dak and his people do as well. Rumblings closer to the NFL Draft may even point to Dallas having their eye on one of the rookie quarterbacks.

Is drafting one of those guys the most likely outcome? Maybe not. It plants the idea in the heads of the Prescott camp, though. Leverage is going to continue to be vital as this situation lingers, so these murmurs of replacing Dak may only grow as the offseason goes on.

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