“We’re just playing ball at this point.” On Thursday, Dallas Cowboys Offensive Coordinator Kellen Moore brought a lot of relief to Cowboys fans. The coach and friend of QB Dak Prescott relayed gleaming reports of him and his return. Music to the ears of Dallas fans everywhere. The newly-paid star QB will no longer be held back as he prepares to be ready for Week 1.

Getting back to normal

Rumors swirled late last week after there were some reports that the Cowboys quarterback would not be ready for the start of the regular season. That is not the case, clearly. Dak and the rest of the offense are surely anxious to be back at full-throttle.

Before the Cowboys’ preseason game against the Texans last weekend, Prescott was even going through his pre-game routine. You’ve got to feel pretty good to be doing this before a game that you won’t be playing in.

There’s been a lot of positivity around Dak’s accuracy and mobility since his return to action in practice as well. His recent shoulder scare does not seem to be hindering him, and last year’s ankle injury looks to be a thing of the past. Throwing on the run and off of play-action is vital for Dak and the offense, so that’s another good sign for his recovery.

He also threw in 7-on-7 at practice on Wednesday for the first time since the first week of training camp, according to David Helman. Seems to be another big step in getting back to the norm.

More updates are sure to come out of Cowboys training camp about their QB as the season gets closer and closer. Fans should be enthralled with Dak’s progress so far.


Featured Image via USA TODAY-Sports