Another year, another rookie Cornerback for the Dallas Cowboys. Last year, it was Trevon Diggs from Alabama. This year, it is Kelvin Joseph from Kentucky. Joseph will start opposite Diggs at CB, according to current projections.

Fellow rookie Nahshon Wright is getting some buzz during practices this off-season. Joseph still has the starting edge as of right now, though – it seems. Jourdan Lewis will most likely retain his role in the slot. There is not a whole lot of depth for Dallas at CB right now at all. Accordingly, Joseph may receive quite a bit of time to work out some rookie kinks.

The Kentucky product is still fairly new to the position. His athletic profile is impressive, and he showed that he can be productive in his season with the Wildcats. As for experience, Joseph only played in fifteen games throughout his college career. That included eleven games with LSU in 2018 and nine games with Kentucky in 2020.

Joseph recorded four interceptions between those two seasons. His profile as a prospect was mostly projection. It was a mixture of limited film and physical traits.

Speaking of those traits, his physicality at the line of scrimmage flashed consistently with Kentucky. He is a requisite athlete to play on the inside or outside in the league. His good length helps him on plays where he is beat off the line or breaking in in off coverage. That recovery is key.

The young CB has hands and high-point ability that will help him with ball production at the next level. Joseph can get scrappy, and energy is never lacking with him. He also plays the run better than a lot of the Cornerbacks that were available in the entire 2021 NFL Draft.

On the flip-side, his lack of experience shows up more often when tasked with tracking the ball downfield or staying with receivers that have above average route running. In the NFL, he will see plenty of that. Therefore, similarly to Diggs last season, he will just have to be “thrown into the fire” against some talented pass-catchers in order to improve.

His footwork has room to improve. Although, that can be said about every Cornerback that enters the league. The feet get impatient occasionally, and he ends up over-stepping on double moves or creating contact too early in the play. More reps, especially against the best of the best, is the only way that he can get better with those concepts.

Luckily for Dallas, he can get a lot of reps against impressive receivers during practice. The Cowboys arguably have the best WR trio in the league in Amari Cooper, CeeDee Lamb, and Michael Gallup. Joseph will be tasked with making plays against those guys to continue his development for the Cowboys.


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