It’s no secret that the Dallas Cowboys have one of the most talented Wide Receiver trios in the NFL. Although, due to salary cap space and needs elsewhere, this coming season could be the last for the WR core of Amari Cooper, CeeDee Lamb, and Michael Gallup. All three are elite in their own ways. Gallup is the most likely to be the odd man out after the 2021-2022 season, though.

If, in fact, no extension is on the way, then the trade rumors around the deadline may be stronger than ever around Gallup.

That will mostly depend on how the Cowboys are performing by then, though. If they’re in or close to contention, I presume they would keep him. If not, they may look to move him for a draft pick and/or a depth player.

It feels like he’s been a popular name at the deadline for a couple seasons now anyway, but alas.

Regardless, it does not seem like a long-term extension between the Cowboys and Gallup is really in the cards. He’s likely to get paid pretty nicely when his deal ends after this season, and Dallas is still on the hook for Amari Cooper’s contract until 2024 if they do not opt out of it after this year.

That opt-out would cost the team $6 million in dead cap, but it would possibly keep the door open for Gallup or a new WR addition.

Not to mention, CeeDee Lamb looks destined for stardom so far. Investing long-term in Gallup if they remain on the hook for Cooper’s contract would possibly make an extension for Lamb more difficult when that time comes.

The Cowboys already have a handful of big contracts on the books as well. DeMarcus Lawrence, Jaylon Smith, Ezekiel Elliott, and Dak Prescott are all costing them a pretty penny. That’s without even including any of the offensive line contracts.

The secondary is a sector of the team that is the youngest and most unproven. Their youth also means they are pretty cheap right now. Down the road, they will need to pay those guys or others to stabilize the secondary and defense. Saving money at positions like WR right now could help them do that down the road.

Gallup has provided a lot of value for Dallas so far in his career, especially for his selection in the third round. With needs elsewhere, that may not be able to keep him a Cowboy, though.

We’ll see if anything changes, but reports point to 2021 being his final season repping the star on his helmet.

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