Dallas Cowboys fans had been waiting to get a glimpse at offensive tackle turned guard Tyler Smith for a while now. Reports out of Oxnard have been mostly positive but Saturday night was his first formal introduction to the fanbase.

It’s fair to say he delivered. Smith didn’t put together a perfect game, but it was consistent enough to get fans excited about his rookie year.

Film analyst James Foster of A to Z Sports Film Room discussed why the Cowboys’ new left guard looked the part of a first-round rookie. Foster mentions Tyler displayed some of the improvements made over the summer.

One of the things that stood out the most during Smit’s debut as a Cowboy is that he looks ready to contribute early on. Mike McCarthy and his coaching staff have shared their desire to be a more physical football team.

“Overall, Tyler Smith just had a lot of success blocking a very diverse run scheme,” Foster points out. The Cowboys put him in duo situations, for example. Smith executed reach blocks and backside blocks.

As for the penalties? Foster agrees with most in Cowboys Nation that both flags were questionable, claiming the refs could’ve been looking at him due to his reputation in college.

“That’s not something that I would be that worried about from this preseason game,” says the host of A to Z Sports Film Room.

One of the plays in which Tyler Smith appeared to get beat was when he allowed a free runner inside that resulted in Cooper Rush taking a hit and throwing an interception. However, that’s a miscommunication issue more than it is getting beat.

Overall, this is what Dallas Cowboys fans wanted to see out of the first-round pick. This was a win for the rookie.

Featured image via Tim Heitman-USA TODAY Sports