Lost in Super Bowl media week, legendary Quarterback Troy Aikman shared his thoughts on the Dallas Cowboys. During an interview with Rich Eisen, the three-time Super Bowl champion sounded optimistic about the state of his former team.

When asked by Rich Eisen what was missing from the Cowboys to get back to the good ol’ days, Aikman shared a sincere answer.

“I honestly don’t know.”

Troy Aikman went on to point out that in his opinion, the Dallas Cowboys have one of the most talented rosters in the NFL.

“I’d put their roster up against anyone’s,” said Aikman. “They played great. They didn’t play as well down the stretch, but then you go into the postseason and you just don’t play your best football.”

Aikman, as you probably know, is right. The Cowboys were one of the most efficient offenses in the NFL during the first half of the season. All of the hype around Dak Prescott and an elite group of receivers was backed up on the playing field.

The shootout versus Brady and the defending champs. The gritty win at the Los Angeles Chargers. The dominating wins against the Eagles, Panthers. Not to mention the dramatic overtime win in Foxborough!

All of that was followed by plenty of underwhelming offensive performances. From Week 9-18, the Cowboys finished 11th in the NFL in offensive EPA/play and 17th in success rate, per RBSDM.com. And of course, there’s the playoff performance against the San Francisco 49ers in which just about everything went wrong.

So if it’s not the talent that’s the issue for the Dallas Cowboys, could it be the coaching? Aikman touched on that during the interview, as well.

“I don’t blame the coaching, I think that’s the easy out. I think that’s what people do. Overall, I think they are a very well-coached team. It just didn’t happen for them.”

Indeed, it didn’t happen for them. And when not even Troy Aikman knows what the Cowboys are missing, you get the idea of how complicated football can be.

Eisen also asked Aikman about Jerry’s quotes on Mike McCarthy knowing he will not be the coach of the Cowboys forever. The Hall of Famer gave an interesting answer. Although he described Jones’ comments as unconventional, he thinks it wasn’t miscalculated.

“Jerry is really smart. He’s a really smart guy. As we know, sometimes he will shoot from the hip. But I think that in those comments, I think he had time to reflect and know what he wanted to convey and how we wanted to say it.”

McCarthy has since responded to Jerry’s quotes, and you can read about it here.

At the end of the day, Troy Aikman and Cowboys Nation don’t have to know what the missing piece is to Dallas’ Super Bowl drought. What we’re hoping for is the Cowboys figure it out.

Featured image via Ron Schwane, USA TODAY Sports