What a way to bounce back from an ugly loss on Monday night to pull off a 139-107 blowout victory of their own.

Everything seemed to click for both the offense and the defense of the Mavericks, who played with more physicality.

Luka achieved a milestone last night as he posted his 100th career double-double with 28 points and 14 assists.

The most amazing stat was his field goal percentage as he shot 11-16 (68.7 percent) for the night.

The shots that were not falling against Cleveland showed up and out as it was raining.

Since the Mavericks stay above .500, let’s discuss the two reasons they won big last night.

Better ball distribution

The Mavericks were much better in the assist category as they won the battle 32-22.

There were many guys in perfect positions to score from every spot on the court.

This was the coaching of Jason Kidd, who knows a bit about how to effectively pass the ball.

Not only were the players finding the right man, but they were also knocking down their open looks when they were there.

Against the Cavaliers, we saw too many turnovers and wasted possessions due to Luka holding onto the ball and the team missing open shots.

The team pulled off a much-needed win as they were facing a .500 record after starting 9-4 a few weeks ago.

If the team can have good ball distribution more consistently, it will put everyone in better positions to make plays.

The Pelicans are not a good team

No offense but this was a game the Mavericks just could not lose.

Yes, the team struggled over the past six games but not to the point of losing to New Orleans.

The knock-on Dallas is they beat up on bad teams but have no answers against good ones.

Fans want Dallas to win their games but against below-average talent, it does not warrant much.

They will have to wait until Dec. 7th when the Brooklyn Nets come to town before they play at least a good team.

They will play the Pelicans again on Friday then Memphis comes to town, as they have not had a good start either.

During these next two games, the Mavericks will need to fix issues so they will not make those mistakes against better competition.

Dallas will need to keep improving as the season goes along and they will be right back in the race for one of the top teams in the West.



Featured Image by Andrew Wevers – USA TODAY Sports