Are these Dallas Mavericks for real? Wow, what a statement the Mavericks have made pulling out a hard-fought win.

The Mavericks had many disadvantages as they were without Kristaps Porzingis, Sterling Brown, and Trey Burke due to injuries and health protocols.

Even with those circumstances, the Mavericks were still able to find ways to stay focused, go on big scoring runs, and get the win.

Here are two ways the Mavericks were able to pull off a win tonight being down good contributors.

Luka Doncic Lit it up

Luka Doncic knew he needed to bring his A-game tonight being down three players who play significant roles.

Doncic scored 18 points in the second half as he led the Mavs with 25 points on 11-19 shooting, five assists, and three rebounds.

Without Doncic’s ability to score around the basket, the Mavericks would not have won this game against the Spurs.

When you have a player like Luka that has the “It” factor, it makes everyone else on the team better in various ways.

As long as Doncic can get good production from his teammates on the offensive end, he can continue to play the game at his best.

Jalen Brunson’s playmaking attributes

The one player that has shown in every game and made an impact is point guard Jalen Brunson.

The Mavericks coaching staff has faith that when Brunson comes off the bench he commands the offense.

Brunson had his biggest night of the season as he finished second in scoring with 19 points and 7 assists, and 5 rebounds off the bench.

Doncic sure does appreciate the help considering the injuries the team faced leading up to the game.

Brunson has become a fan favorite as he shows good leadership on the floor like he did at Villanova.

The bench players will be crucial for the Mavericks this season as Luka continues to dominate games consistently.

Players such as Brunson are huge for teams looking to make deep playoff runs, which Dallas has not done since 2011.

What does this win mean?

Tonight’s win shows the rest of the league how the Mavericks do not quit or lay down when adversity comes knocking on the door.

Each team has its share of issues whether it pertains to the players or the coaching staff.

The difference is the stronger and mature teams know how to stay focused on the task to make it work.

The Mavericks currently sit at 3-1 and still have a lot to improve on but this game can build momentum for weeks to come.