The Dallas Mavericks have proven time and time again they are cannot put things together against playoff caliber teams.

Against the Brooklyn Nets last night, the Mavericks’ defense started great, as they were able to limit their offense in the first half.

The issue was they could not sustain it through four quarters as the Nets pulled off a close 102-99 win.

The Dallas offense is the one that struggled for the majority of the game as they could not knock down their shots.

The case during six of their last seven games is their offense cannot create scoring opportunities.

A lot has to do with Owner Mark Cuban who has not done a great job of building the roster.

Here are a few reasons why Cuban has failed to make the team contenders over the years.

Lack of quality free agent signings

This has been the number one cause as Cuban cannot seem to find all-star level players to come to Big D.

Even with the rise of Luka Doncic, they still cannot influence high-priority free agents to help improve the roster.

Since their 2011 NBA Championship run, drafting and securing free agents has caused Dallas to settle for average players who have low ceilings.

Reggie Bullock and Sterling Brown are perfect examples of average players being overpaid in value.

Bullock has had a few “this guy may have something” type of performances, but Brown has struggled all season long.

Those two have not made any difference for the Mavericks and more of liabilities when they are on the floor.

For Dallas to return to their championship or even the prime Dirk Nowitzki days, Cuban will have to trust his front office staff with Niko Harrison and allow him to create a better culture for this team.

Cuban does not believe in a Big Man

How long has it’s been since Dallas had a center that was respected both ends of the floor.

You’ve guessed it, Tyson Chandler, which was during their championship season and his return four years after.

Since he left Dallas, Cuban and staff have not prioritized the center position.

The Mavericks have been known as a soft team in rim protection, in addition to crashing the boards.

Dwight Powell, Moses Brown, Boban Marjanovic, and Willie Cauley-Stein have not made any significant impact worth studying.

They are not physical enough to be an enforcer when the ball comes their way.

Cuban cannot continue to hurt the roster if they want any shot of making it deep in the playoffs.

Otherwise, Doncic and Porzingis will be wasting their prime years with no other talent to help elevate the team.



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