The Denver Broncos have struggled mightily through the first three weeks of the 2022 NFL season. Even after the 11-10 win over the San Francisco 49ers, there is still a lot to be fixed. however, they are getting better at one thing.

In training camp, we heard, constantly, about how the defense was dominating the offense. We never knew the defense was this good, and that that meant the offense was going to be this bad.

The special teams have been amazing as well, but the defense is the backbone of this team.

Penalties are one thing that has hurt the team badly. Against the 49ers on Sunday Night Football, the Broncos got better at that for sure.

“It was great,” Hackett said when asked about the fewer penalties in Week 3. “There were a couple that went back and forth, but I thought they did a great job officiating it. Hey, we have five, we still would rather have less, but that’s better than our average up to this point.”

In Week 3 the Broncos had just five penalties for 30 total yards. In Week 1 against the Seattle Seahawks on Monday Night Football, they had 12 penalties for 106 yards. Against the Houston Texans last week, they had 13 penalties for 100 yards. So, they are obviously becoming more disciplined.

Penalties being called, especially that much, is so obviously a coaching thing. It’s about being disciplined, and so far, the Broncos haven’t really been that much this year.

For the first time this year, they were also more disciplined than their opponent. The 49ers finished with seven penalties for 40 yards.

They aren’t where they would like to be, no, but they are definitely getting better. Just think, they could be in the Chiefs situation earlier today and have their best defensive player sell the game on an unsportsmanlike conduct penalty when they had the game won. Yes, I am talking about Chris Jones talking to Matt Ryan.

So, they could have been in a worse situation today. Either way, things are trending in the right direction, and the Broncos are now 2-1.

Featured Image Via Isaiah J. Downing-USA TODAY Sports