The Denver Broncos won their final game of the season, and are ending it on somewhat of a good note. We all know how rough this season has been, and getting a win over a playoff team, a division opponent at that, has to make things just a tad bit better.

Does this make everything better? No. But, it does make fans, and myself wish that the Broncos made the switch to Jerry Rosburg, the interim head coach, a bit sooner, because he coached better in two weeks than Hackett did the whole season.

In fact, the ownership group gave him something after the game that we don’t see happen often.

In the post-game media availability, Rosburg stated that owner and CEO Greg Penner gave him the game ball, and it meant the world to him.

The last two weeks have probably been the best football we have seen this team play all season long. Both were division games, and both were very winnable games, with one of them winning. Oh, and both were against some of the best teams in the league.

I don’t know if the Broncos win those games or get even close with Hackett. Actually, I know they don’t. Rosburg absolutely deserves the game ball, and I think he should have had the chance to earn one a long time ago.

Hopefully, he can join the team next season in some way, because it looked like the players enjoyed playing for him as well.

Featured Image Via Isaiah J. Downing-USA TODAY Sports

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