The Denver Broncos offense didn’t quite pan out this season, as we all know, but there have been some positives as of late. Yet, they still aren’t winning games. While that doesn’t really matter anymore, there is still one thing interim head coach Jerry Rosburg would like to see on Sunday.

“The run game [was] fine, but if you don’t have action off of that that opens up and gets the ball to your playmakers downfield, and you don’t have moving the pocket, those kind of things that come off the run game—we need to get the ball into our playmakers’ hands,” Rosburg said.

“I think I mentioned this earlier, I love the way Courtland Sutton plays this game. Jerry Jeudy’s had a good couple of weeks. We need to find a way to not play this game in a box, I guess I would say.”

The Denver Broncos have the weapons to do the things they would like to see happen more often. Courtland Sutton hasn’t had his best season, but he has made some plays when it has mattered. He is a big guy who can go and get it.

Jerry Jeudy didn’t have the season we all know he can, but could still pass his career high for yards in a season on Sunday with just 39 receiving yards. That would put him at 857 on the season, still not cracking that 1,000-yard list yet.

But Jeudy has shown growth in a lot of ways. He has shown an ability to get open at will, and his touchdown numbers have definitely gone up as well.

The Broncos can finish the year on a high note by doing a bit of what Rosburg said. The best way to use those weapons in this offense is to get the running game going and set up the plays down the field that we all love to see, very similar to what the Broncos did against the Chiefs the first time they played.

The Chargers may rest some players due to their playoff-clinching, so there is a chance we could see this offense a bit better. Hopefully, they can end the year on a good note after all the bad that has happened this season.

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