The Denver Broncos have had a lot of talks surrounding them when it comes to their coaches. Some good, but mostly bad.

Nathaniel Hackett, the first-year head coach, hasn’t been great, to say the least. His offense is dull and the changes are almost non-existent. Offensive coordinator Justin Outten isn’t any better.

While Hackett is the one calling plays, Outten has some responsibility too, as far as we know. The offense is stagnant. There is no run game, and there is no passing game.

They may be in fact the worst offense in the league.

However, the defense has been amazing. When you consider how often they are on the field because of the short offensive drives, it really is crazy how good the defense is at times.

Yeah, the Broncos have great players on that side of the ball, but a large reason they are having so much success is because of Ejiro Evero, the defensive coordinator.

Evero has been in some talks so far this year, but not for bad reasons. Well, maybe.

A lot of people, fans, and media have Evero potentially getting a head coaching job next season.

“Yeah, I mean, I think that’s one of those deals where most coaches that come into the profession aspire to achieve that,” Evero said when asked if he wanted to be a head coach.

“It’s definitely very flattering and a great honor, but at the end of the day, not worried about that.”

Evero would definitely deserve a head coaching job, as he has been amazing this year, however, that would leave the Broncos in a hole. Not only would they likely have to find someone to coach the team, but they would also then have to find an offensive coordinator too.

Then essentially the defense would be reset, again.

But I love what he had to say about the job. He was honest and real about the situation, because why would he not want to be a head coach?

But, Evero is focused on the now, and that is what matters. Obviously, when it is time, he will worry about potentially becoming a head coach. But right now, it’s about stopping the Raiders’ offense.

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