The Denver Broncos lost one of the toughest games you could imagine. Not only have they been struggling in all facets of the game, besides defense of course, but they also were looking like things were getting better. Here’s the kicker, though. Things are still getting better!

The Broncos were 2-1 and lost to their biggest division rival, the Las Vegas Raiders. To make matters even worse, they gave the Raiders, who were one of only two teams in the league without a win, their first win.

Oh, and, another layer on this onion, the Broncos lost two of their best players, and one of them is done for the year.

Even with all of the bad things that happened last week, there is still some good that we can access, and hopefully, the Broncos can carry over to next week against the Indianapolis Colts on Thursday Night Football.

So, here are three things that got better last week, and could get better this week.

1. The offense moved the ball much better

The offense looked so good at times. I mean, go back and watch the game, and you will see the offense looked unstoppable at times, as compared to the three games before this last week.

Let’s just mention the few deep balls Russell Wilson was able to connect on. And, it didn’t seem like Courtland Sutton was the only receiver really doing anything. K.J. Hamler had the deep ball, Jeudy caught a few passes and Kendall Hinton did as well.

The stats will say that the Broncos didn’t move the ball well because of the 12 first downs, but the eye test will tell you it was definitely better than we have seen.

2. The offense took more shots, scored more points

This one kind of ties into the first one, but it’s still its own thing, in a way. The Broncos scored 23 points in this one, which is the most on the season by seven points, or a touchdown, really.

The broncos finished the game with their highest yards per pass attempt of the year at 7.6. We wanted this team to throw the ball deep and the running game opened up those opportunities a bit more.

3. Wilson looked much better, his best game as a Bronco

Wilson easily played his best game as a member of the Denver Broncos. He finished with three total touchdowns, two passing, and one rushing, and was very aware in the pocket.

Wilson was able to take shots deep, some that we haven’t really seen from him yet, and he created plays and opportunities with his legs, something he has been known for his whole career. It’s easy to see that Wilson is definitely getting more comfortable.

While, yes, they did lose, the offense is getting better. keep that in mind this is a whole new system with a whole new coaching staff and a whole new quarterback.

Featured Image Via Stephen R. Sylvanie-USA TODAY Sports