The Denver Broncos are entering one of the most important offseason over the last few seasons. Because of how bad this season was, and the expectations the team had, this next year they can’t get it wrong. It has to be right.

Russell Wilson didn’t have his best season, at all, to say the least. However, his protection wasn’t great either. The offensive line needed to step up all season long and they just couldn’t.

Some of that was because of injuries, sure. But in general, the offensive line was putrid. That is their biggest need heading into the season. If you give Wilson more time, he will likely make better decisions. That is just how it works.

While, no, they don’t have the first-round pick they are supposed to, they still have a first-rounder from the 49ers. They can get a great offensive lineman at pick 29.

The 24th-ranked prospect according to Pro Football Focus is Georgia offensive tackle Broderick Jones, and he is a beast. The tackle spent some snaps in his first season as a right tackle, then played half of 2021 at left tackle. Then, last season he switched to left tackle full-time and was even better as he finished with a pass-blocking grade of 84.1.

Jones has the strength of an ox, and we didn’t see college pass-rushers go through him very often, if at all. They didn’t get him off his stance or knock him back, that’s how stout he is. But, we did see guys going against him be pretty successful with moves that got them around him. His feet could be quicker, but that’s what the NFL is for, development.

Jones didn’t allow a sack last season after allowing two in 2021, and he played in more than twice the amount of snaps from last year to this year. So that would only mean he gets better with more reps.

Jones has a lot of raw talent, as he was only a redshirt sophomore last season, and didn’t play much the two years before, but the talent is definitely there. He has untapped potential and could protect Wilson’s strong side or weak side, whatever the Broncos ask of him.

He is rated as the 24th prospect, but he could fall to 29th to the Broncos. For one, he has heavy feet and still needs to work on his footwork, as we said earlier. Two, there are teams above the Broncos in the draft that don’t necessarily need an offensive tackle as their biggest need.

Jones played in the SEC in college and won back-to-back national championships, so it’s fair to say he is a winner. But, it’s also fair to say he played against NFL talent, as the SEC usually has the most NFL-ready guys, especially on defense.

He could be a great fit for Denver.

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