The Denver Broncos will soon be transitioning into a different phase of training camp, and first-year head coach Nathaniel Hackett couldn’t be more excited.

If getting to watch training camp and having a small taste of football again wasn’t enough, the next phase of training camp gets us even closer to the real thing. The Broncos are getting very close to getting out of shells and getting into pads. This is the moment every fan, media member, player, and coach look forward to during the training camp process.

Some things will change, and coach Hackett loves every bit of what is to come in the next practice.

Broncos’ Hackett beyond excited for next phase

You can tell when a guy, player, or coach, loves the game of football. Coach Hackett definitely loves the game of football. During Monday’s media availability, he showed that with some of his comments about moving on to the next phase.

“Anytime you can get any form of pads on, we’re excited,” Hackett told reporters Monday afternoon. “You have to understand you are going to get touched. When you don’t have the pads on, it’s just so different. The contact at the line, the protection looks different, the play passes look different, and everything looks different with the full pads… 

It’s more of a mental thing for those guys like it’s game day. I’m just excited all that is over, and now we can work on the football action.”

The Broncos are on their way to getting back to the playoffs, and it starts here, in training camp, with the pads on. Now it’s time for real football. The physicality is going to be turned up quite a bit.

It is going to be great to finally see some hitting going on. Of course, we hope no injuries come out of it, as the Broncos have been one of the less fortunate teams over the years in that department. Hackett is building a great culture with the Broncos, a culture that feels like a winning one.

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