The Denver Broncos lost a game that I think most of America had them winning. You look at the Broncos’ roster compared to the Seahawks, and the game shouldn’t have even been close, let alone Denver losing by a missed field goal.

McManus is one of the best kickers in the league. It just so happens he had to kick a 64-yarder to win the game. Even with the miss, head coach Nathaniel Hackett is still confident in his decision.

“No, I was happy he got that one out of the way,” Hackett told the media when asked about the missed kick after the timeout was called.

“I thought we had plenty of distance on that one and thought we were going to be able to make that. I have confidence in him and if we have to put him in that situation again, I think he will be able to make it.”

The situation that led to the field goal was insane, and the fourth quarter alone was crazy. However, they were able to get the ball within range fairly easily.

“I thought Javonte [Williams] made an incredible play and put in the field goal range, the mark that we were looking for.”

Hackett went on to explain the situation a little more, and what exactly McManus went through.

“We were right on the line, he had plenty of distance, and he just missed it. Again, Brandon gave it his best shot. I mean, that is a long field goal to hit. I think he is completely capable of that.

“I wish we would have gotten a lot closer but it put us in that weird spot because we were in the field goal range but we were on that fourth down situation. Didn’t think we were going to get that many yards so I thought that was a great job by Javonte. We just made the decision, we wanted to take our shot there on that one.”

As for Russell Wilson, he played great down the stretch. He also isn’t worried about the decision-making at the end of the game.

“I believe in coach Hackett,” Wilson explained to the media after the game. “…If we were in that situation again, I wouldn’t doubt what he decided.”

While they did lose, it is great hearing the team speaks about the situation in a positive manner. Yeah, it is a tough loss. However, it’s Week 1. This is something for the team to learn from and only get better.

Honestly, I have seen McManus do some crazy things. So, I’m also pretty confident that there would be a different result the next time around.

Featured Image Via Joe Nicholson-USA TODAY Sports