The Denver Broncos once again turned in a poor performance on offense, which resulted in a loss to the Tennessee Titans, who, frankly, aren’t an amazing team.

The defense did its job. In fact, they did more than their job as they held Derrick Henry under 60 rushing yards.

It was the offense that once again could not hold up their end of the bargain.

If you watched the game, you saw two things that happened that shouldn’t have happened.

“We got to do a great job of protecting Russ [Russell Wilson], and we have to find a way to run the ball,” Hackett said after the loss to the Tennessee Titans in Week 10.

The first one is major because they did the complete opposite of what Hackett wanted to do. The offensive line, with third stringers at the left tackle, right tackle, and center positions gave up six sacks.

But hey, that happens all the time. That isn’t the worst part.

They allowed Russell Wilson to be hit 18 times in that one game. If you watch you see that those hits were soft either. It was a lot of Wilson being thrown on the ground and his body weight shifting as another body hit his.

It wasn’t pretty.

The offensive line couldn’t pass protect, and they couldn’t run block. In fact, they didn’t really do anything right at all.

The offense finished the game with 65 rushing yards which came from four different players. Eight of those yards came from the quarterback scrambling out of the pocket as he was running for his life.

These two things can’t happen. Usually, you can have one happen and still get away with a win. However, if both happen, you are basically doomed from the start.

Nathaniel Hackett was preaching to the choir afterward. We all already knew what they have to do better. It was pretty evident, which means the players probably know too.

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