The Denver Broncos have an issue, a really big one at that. They can’t seem to win or close out football games, and that is frustrating. But there is something else it would appear head coach Nathaniel Hackett is frustrated with, too.

Turnovers, or giving the other team chances are something you never want to do as a team. Luckily, the Broncos didn’t do that on Sunday against the Las Vegas Raiders. However, they almost did, and it still cost them.

It’s third and one, and it’s right before halftime. The Broncos are up 10-0, and they are right on the goal line. If they score it here they can put the game away before the half, as they would get the ball back after.

You either score a touchdown in this situation, or you kick a field goal. The Broncos run it up the middle to try and either score a touchdown or get that first down. What happens next?

Melvin Gordon goes back to his old ways and fumbles the ball. Yeah, it wasn’t recovered by the Raiders, but that still made the Broncos lose yardage and now it’s fourth down.

So the only thing to do there is to get the three points, right?


Maxx Crosby, who has been having a stellar year, not only forced that fumble, but he also blocked the field goal, meaning the Broncos got right in front of the goal line and came away with zero points.

It starts with that fumble, though.

“He’s scored a lot of touchdowns down there for us,” Hackett said after the loss. “He’s been in our tank package, our goal-line package…He has to be smart with it. He can’t fumble. He knows that you just can’t do that. That’s unacceptable.”

This is the first time, in my opinion anyways, that I have heard Hackett be somewhat frustrated with a player. I mean Gordon has a fumbling history, we all know this by now.

Your star running back is hurt for the year but your backup can’t carry the ball, as we saw earlier in the year too.

Hackett has every right to be frustrated with Gordon. If he gets just one yard, and the Broncos have three more chances to get in the end zone, I bet they do. And that could have, not saying it would have, potentially saved Hacketts’ job.

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