The Denver Broncos were just informed that one of their biggest candidates would not be joining them next season as their head coach.

As we all know by now, this time last season the Broncos were doing the same thing, looking for their next head coach. They found him, and Nathaniel Hackett was named that guy last season. The optimism surrounding him heading into the season didn’t match the result we got.

So he was fired, and now they are doing the same thing they were last year. This time around, there is one candidate that they, and the fans would have loved to have.

Jim Harbaugh, brother of Ravens’ head coach John Harbaugh, and Michigan Wolverines’ head coach, was that guy. He already interviewed for the position last week. There was a ton of optimism that he could be the guy. I mean, hey, this is a guy that has taken an NFL team to the Super Bowl in the 49ers, and now has two playoff appearances in a row in college.

Of course, the Broncos would want him.

But, on Monday he informed the University of Michigan President that he would be coming back for another season as head coach.

Now the Broncos have just seven candidates on their list, and I’m sure some are disappointed that Harbaugh isn’t going to be the guy.

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