The Denver Broncos have been, well, not good, to say the least. This season has not gone how we all imagined it would. They are now 3-5 on the year, with a putrid offense, and a defense that is constantly on the field.

It’s safe to say they know what has to be better, and they know they can be better.

“I 100% believe we can be better, for sure,” Justin Simmons told the media on Monday. “I know there have been some games where surface level it may have seemed like things were great. But you go back and watch the film and we go in-depth about the intricacies in the game plan and what we should have called, and how we executed it.

“It may not always show up on the stat sheet in terms of like a big play, but maybe they got a first down and that kept the drive alive to lead to them kicking a field goal, the opposing team, and you know, the field goal was the difference maker. “You look at little things like that… So for us, it’s just focusing on the details of our preparation, our operation, and just having that move forward be as sharp as it can be.”

We all know this team can be better. If we didn’t, everyone wouldn’t have had such high expectations coming into this season.

They now have everything they need. They have the quarterback they have been looking for. They have weapons around him, and the defense is amazing.

So, let’s see if after the bye week they got some issues fixed. They started trending in the right direction after the huge win over the Jacksonville Jaguars in London. Had they lost that game, the season would have been virtually over.

Let’s see what Simmons is talking about, and see if they fixed some issues. They will play the Tennessee Titans this week, who nearly beat the Kansas City Chiefs in Week 9.

Featured Image Via Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports