The Denver Broncos are not having a great start to their 2022 season, no. however, does that really make it okay to start yelling out bogus trades? The team is 2-3, and I promise it isn’t the end of the world. It definitely isn’t time to blow the whole thing up. Half of the league is 2-3 and nearly the other half is 3-2. So, let’s calm down a bit.

And, if we are going to start throwing trade ideas out there, let’s at least make them decent. One ESPN NFL analyst recently made a potential trade idea that was atrocious. It was so bad, I think the Broncos and general manager George Paton would hang up the phone immediately if they heard it.

Bill Barnwell recently proposed that the Pittsburgh Steelers should trade away quarterback Mitch Trubisky to the Denver Broncos for tight end Albert Okwuegbunam.

I know, it’s bad. However, before you click off of the site because you saw that monstrosity of a trade, see what he had to say first.

“Okwuegbunam was a fantasy sleeper heading into 2022, but he has fallen down the tight-end depth chart for the Broncos. He saw his snap counts drop in four straight weeks to begin the season, going from 67% in Week 1 to a lone snap in Week 4. Okwuegbunam was back up to 21% in Week 5, but the Broncos also activated second-round pick Greg Dulcich from injured reserve, which could cost Albert O his spot in the lineup. He would be a backup tight end for the Steelers behind Freiermuth, playing a similar role to what Eric Ebron did for Pittsburgh last season.”

Let’s start with the obvious here. First, Trubisky is terrible. I honestly don’t know if he is better than Brett Rypien, and that isn’t me trying to make a joke of the situation.

Trubisky just got benched on an already bad Steelers team for a rookie quarterback. He definitely wouldn’t play over Russell Wilson, who doesn’t miss games by the way, so why would they need three quarterbacks, and the Broncos like Rypien too much.

As for Okwuegbunam, no he hasn’t played much, but if the Broncos wanted to trade him away, they could get much more for him than a bad quarterback that they don’t need.

I get nervous about this season because things aren’t starting the way they planned. But trades like this are outrageous. Not to mention, it’s only Week 6.

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