Besides the last five years or so, the Denver Broncos have had good luck with the quarterback position. First, it was Craig Morton, who may be slept on as a good quarterback, but he only won four fewer games than Manning in Denver and has the third-most passing yards in the franchise’s history with 11,895. 

Then it was John Elway, who of course won the team two Super Bowls, and has the most passing yards in franchise history. We can’t forget about Peyton Manning, who won a Super Bowl and has the second-most passing yards in the franchise’s history.

Now, it’s all Russell Wilson, who was the Seattle Seahawks’ greatest quarterback of all time by a long way. Russell Wilson is one of the better quarterbacks in the league and has done it all, including winning a Super Bowl and going to another.

Wilsons’ offense is impeccable, and it’s coming to Mile High Stadium, with him calling all the shots, according to coach Hackett.

Broncos’ Hackett reveals plan for the offense with Wilson

I’m sure there are some questions regarding who calls the plays, and things of that matter. That’s obviously very important, so said questions are warranted. 

Hackett shined some light on that the other day.

The Denver Broncos have a new offense, and head coach Nathaniel Hackett is letting “Russ cook”:

“So it’s a combination of both of them,” Hackett said when asked if he or Wilson was calling plays. “It’s one of those things I try and plant some seeds in his mind, some plays we have collaborated on a list of things we want to try and accomplish and plays we want to run, especially in the situation of having to get down the field in large chunks.”

“I give him those, we talk about it, he runs with it,” Hackett told reporters Thursday. “I’m always in his ear, but it is his choice whatever he is feeling.”

A lot of fans will love this quote.

They know that Wilson has done it at the highest level possible, and if the team is letting him call the plays, things can get out of hand for their opponents.

The Denver Broncos will be a scary team offensively. I don’t quite know if this makes them a better team right now, but it will in the future, as Wilson and Hackett work more together.

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