This year was a pretty depressing one for the Denver Broncos and their fans. They had all of these playoff expectations and didn’t even get close, all while sporting the worst offense in the league with a $240 million quarterback in Russell Wilson.

There is one thing, though, that could make Broncos’ fans feel a bit better about their situation this season.

Denver hates the Raiders, as they should. So, when there is something going on in Las Vegas that isn’t good for their team, there is always a reason to be happy.

This season didn’t go as expected for them, either, as it was a very similar situation – playoff expectations with no playoffs.

That is where it gets good for the Broncos.

This is now the Raiders’ 20th straight season without a playoff win, which is just insane to think about. As of right now, that is the third worst in NFL history behind the Lions’ 30 seasons and the Dolphins‘ 21, which could change on Sunday against the Bills.

To make matters even better, yeah, the Broncos are on this list, but they have seven straight seasons without a playoff win, which is far better than 20.

Now, this is another stat you can throw out there anytime you are arguing with a Raiders fan about whose organization is worse or better.

I mean, that isn’t the best thing to brag about, because at that point it’s basically a battle for whose team is worse, but at the same time, it’s looking a bit gloomy these days for Broncos fans, so they will take any advantage.

Who knows, both of those numbers could be zero next season. Or, hopefully, the Broncos’ number will be zero and the Raiders will be 22, and maybe the Lions win a playoff game to make the Raiders the longest consecutive streak.

Featured Image Via Ron Chenoy-USA TODAY Sports

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