The Denver Broncos have been losing for a while now. For 5-6 years to be exact. They haven’t been in their past winning ways that a lot of fans are used to since 2015 when they last won the Super Bowl with Peyton Manning.

This season is looking to be no different.

The Denver Broncos were one of the worst teams in the league already, I’d say a bottom 15 team for sure before Week 11. Then, they lost to a team in the Raiders that looked like a bottom-five team.

After the loss, I think some players have realized that they just aren’t out of the losing phase yet. A phase they have been in for a while.

“I think that we’re on the learning end of the experience of how to get back to winning,” Wilson said after the loss.

“Sometimes it’s a journey; sometimes it’s an ugly one; sometimes it’s a tough one. What hurts probably more than anything else is that these games were close, one-score games”

While, yeah, this quote is probably right, this is a winning franchise historically, and these fans demand to be a winning team. That’s what they are used to, and they haven’t had that for over five years now, which is too long.

They should have been able to find a way to win these games that they keep losing by one score. The talent is there when it wasn’t before. But this looks worse than it has in the past.

This team is historically and statistically worse than any of the last few years since 2015, and that is saying something. This should have been the year they figure out how not to lose.

But it wasn’t, and Wilson has come to that realization.

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