The Denver Broncos had so many expectations coming into this season, but unfortunately, they didn’t come close to any of them. I am actually surprised this team finished with five wins on the year.

We thought this was a playoff team, one that had a chance to dethrone the Chiefs for the division’s best team. But, we were way off, as Week 18 was the first division win and the only division win the Broncos would get.

The Broncos can still turn things around though, and we saw that on Sunday against the Chargers and even last week against Kansas City. We saw what this team could potentially be with good coaching, and even Russell Wilson knows that.

“We’re looking for a winner,” Wilson said after the win. “We’ll be able to come back (next year) stronger than ever. We’re going somewhere… we’re going to turn this thing around… get ready.”

And hopefully, they find one. It appears that Rosburg could be a potential guy for the job, seeing as he just won.

He and Justin Outten completely turned this offense around for the two weeks they had the free reign to do so. The offense looked very similar to what we all thought it could look like.

“We had some huge plays and guys kept making big-time plays… We had a blast tonight and that’s what Broncos football should look like,” Wilson continued.

I think the fans had a blast too. Does this win fix anything the Broncos and their fans dealt with all season? No. But, it does make it feel a little bit better. You cannot tell me it would have been better if they lost their last game rather than won.

Not only did they win, but they also showed us that there is hope.

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