I’m starting to sound like a broken record. Well, I probably started sounding like that a few weeks ago. Now, it’s just worse.

The Denver Broncos‘ offense was putrid. But, as I said, what’s new? This offense isn’t getting fixed overnight or in one week. Heck, it may not get fixed this season.

It’s so simple, too. You score a touchdown one more time, and you win. It really isn’t that hard when you think bout it.

“Reality is, we have to find a way to win these games,” Wilson said. “It’s been five, six games or so that are one-score games. So, I have to find a way for us to get two more touchdowns. I think we have to find a way to get two more touchdowns a game.

“I think we were able to do that in London, but we didn’t do that tonight. As tough as the game was, and as physical as it was… almost had it, got hit right when I threw it. I got to be able to make that, and just find a way to make that… It’s tough, but we aren’t going to give up, and that’s for sure.”

Wilson made a promise in his statement after the loss. Some fans will love to hear it, and some will get aggravated. I think it’s what needed to be said.

Do you expect them to just roll over and start tanking? No. They don’t even have their pick, so why would they do that? In fact, the better they do this year, the worse the pick is for the Seattle Seahawks.

So to hear Wilson promise that they won’t give up should make some fans feel just a little bit better about the situation transpiring in Denver.

Featured Image Via Andrew Nelles / Tennessean.com / USA TODAY NETWORK

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