The Denver Broncos are now not only the worst team in the AFC West, but after losing to one of the worst teams in the league, twice, they may have taken that spot. And I’m sure it’s driving players crazy.

There have been so many rumors and drama this season involving Russell Wilson and how he runs the offense or shots from his former teams. This season, either you have been on his side, or against him. There has been no in-between.

I mean, just last week before their game against the Tennessee Titans we were really sitting here chatting about a wristband, of all things. A wristband! It really baffles my mind.

Then, a former player and Denver radio personality made a claim about Wilson calling the wrong audibles and using the Seahawks, which I thought there was no chance was right.

I have been on Wilson’s side during all of this, but something he said recently may have changed my mind about him. I think he has actually lost it.

“We have to be able to find ways to win [games],” Wilson said after the loss to the Raiders in Week 11. “I think losing is never good, but we need somebody to kick our butt. If they kick our butt, we can be in the game. It’s been definitely difficult in that sense.”

First of all, what does any of this even mean? This is one of the more confusing quotes I have seen in a while.

They need someone to kick their butts? Well, what would you call what opponents have been doing this season Russ? Because sitting at now 3-7 would suggest you have been getting your butt kicked.

Then he goes on to say, ‘If they kick our butt, we can be in the game.’

I think we all agree that didn’t make any sense, right?

This season has been one that you can just throw in the garbage. They aren’t playing for anything at this point, and the games no longer matter. However, Wilson should be playing for his reputation by now.

I was one guy that stuck by his side through the bad play and the potentially false rumors. But after this, I don’t know if I still can. Russell Wilson is losing his mind.

Featured Image Via Ron Chenoy-USA TODAY Sports