The Denver Broncos have been the talk of the town, but not for any good reasons. The talk has been about the potential firing of Nathaniel Hackett, the first-year head coach.

It has been the offense, among other things. It’s just not clicking. At times they look okay, then other times they look like the worst offense in the league. They just aren’t scoring points, and it looks so bad. Oh, and Hackett can’t manage a game or the time during it.

But recently, a player who has been on the team for a few years now has the coaches back.

“This is probably one of the best locker rooms I have ever been in,” Dre’Mont Jones said after the loss. “With one of the greatest coaches [staff] I have been a part of, with them being so young.

“It sucks, because part of it feels like all of our hard work is for nothing. But you always have to remind yourself that we are a team, and we will bounce back. There are more weeks to be played.”

Jones has been on the Broncos for four seasons now, and has now seen two different coaching staffs, and will likely see his third. But for him to come out and back Hackett after having such an abysmal season, means something.

I think that Hackett can be a good head coach, just not this time around. Some coaches don’t get it right their first time, and that is okay. I think he will be a great head coach someday, after learning from all of his mistakes, just not today.

But it does seem that the guy is a great player’s coach, and the players connect with him very well. However, that doesn’t win football games.

Featured Image Via Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports