The Denver Broncos were so close to coming into the season nearly fully healthy, something that has not happened in a very long time. With Courtland Sutton fully recovered from his ACL injury, Bradley Chubb having the healthiest offseason he has ever had, and KJ Hamler returning from his ACL injury, the team was looking like it was going to take the league by storm.

Then, it happened.

Of course, the Broncos’ luck couldn’t remain good for that long. With the cycle they have been in over the years with injury after injury happening, this could have been predicted it felt like. Everything was almost too good to be true.

Tim Patrick left Tuesday’s practice carted off the field, and the later news stated his season ended early due to a torn ACL.

With Patrick done for the year, the Broncos will need to find someone new to replace the production he was going to give Russell Wilson and company. It just so happens that there is a guy available to sign that would fit perfectly.

Broncos should sign Will Fuller to help the receiver corps

While, yes, it sounds crazy, let’s talk about it first.

A lot of you are going to talk about Fuller’s injury history and think it will be a bad idea, and that’s just not the case. While, yes, he has a high potential to get injured, so does everyone else who is playing the game. This is football we are talking about here.

Fuller’s ability to get past defenders is nearly unmatched, which is a big reason I think the Broncos should sign him, the selling point actually.

In today’s league, it is almost as if you need to have the speed to win. I hate to say it but look at Kansas City over the years with Tyreek Hill, and Mecole Hardman. Adding Fuller, who is one of the fastest guys in the league, with Jerry Jeudy and Hamler would be a legit nightmare for opposing teams.

There are not three defensive backs on one team who can be fast enough, or good enough to keep up with three guys that have the speed of those three. It’s just not happening. In 2020, Fuller finished with eight touchdowns, so we know he can make up for Patrick’s absence in that department, as the then fourth-year receiver finished with five touchdowns for the Broncos.

Fuller can provide a deep threat, along with the speed that you can’t teach. I’d say it’s a no-brainer to sign him. Yes, the injuries are a risk, but you have to take risks in this league if you want to be the best.

Featured image via Eric Hartline-USA TODAY Sports