What exactly went wrong on Sunday for the Denver Broncos against the Houston Texans, well we can’t pin that on just one thing. We can, however, say that that wasn’t the best way the fans would have liked the home opener to go. They definitely showed that, too.

“I don’t blame them,” Hackett told the media when asked about the boos from fans. “I mean I was booing myself. I was getting very frustrated. Getting down to the red zone two times, we don’t get a touchdown, which is unbelievably frustrating.

“I don’t think we have scored in there yet. That is something that all of our guys have to step up on, whether we run the ball more, or whatever we are doing, we just have to execute at a higher level.”

Yes, let’s start there, with the offense. Honestly, the defense wasn’t bad. They had moments where they could have been better, but overall, solid. They were the only reason the Broncos were even remotely in the game.

But back to the offense.

It was bad. The penalties, the red zone opportunities, the delay of game calls, and of course staying away from what was working in the run game. Everything looked out of wack.

Hackett was also asked about all of those things, especially the red zone opportunities, and what the Broncos were able to make of them.

“Yeah, when we got down there we wanted to give Courtland a chance early and it looked like we had the touchdown, but they ended up calling it out,” Hackett told reporters. “Had the same thing, then you know Russ [Wilson] decided to throw that one, and we gave him the go on that one, and he didn’t come down with it.

“When you are in a third down situation and decide to pass it, that was kind of that first one. But, there were definitely some things we liked in the passing game because of how they put everybody in the box. In the end, we got to be able to run it down there we got to run it downhill, and might have to run over somebody.”

While Hackett said all the right things in his press conference, he still isn’t doing them.

This offense is and was supposed to be one of the best in the league with all of the weapons they surrounded Russell Wilson with. Before Wilson, the notion was that all the Broncos needed was a decent quarterback.

Now, they have one of the best in the league and look like one of the worst offenses in the league. I simply don’t get it. We saw the same thing last week, only this week was worse, for a few reasons.

If there was one thing I had to pin the struggles on offense on, it would be the situational play calling. They have to feed the running backs when they are both playing the way they did.

At one point, Javonte Williams was getting six yards per carry, but the Broncos weren’t feeding the hot hand. He finished with 75 rushing yards on 15 carries with five yards per carry while Gordon finished with 47 yards on 10 rush attempts and 4.7 yards per carry.

This week was the second straight time and wasn’t Hackett’s first ever game coaching. It wasn’t Wilson’s first game back in Seattle on primetime football. It wasn’t against a qualified Super Bowl-winning coach in a hostile environment.

The offense was pitiful. If they don’t fix it, just imagine what the San Francisco 49ers will do to the team next week on Sunday Night Football. I have never seen a more frustrating win in all of my time covering football. Hopefully, Hackett gets it figured out. If he doesn’t, we may not see him next year.

Featured Image Via Ron Chenoy-USA TODAY Sports