The Denver Broncos are already breaking records for their play in the 2022 season, and it is only Week 2. But, it’s not the record-breaking things you might have thought about two weeks ago.

The Broncos have been struggling on offense, to say the least. It’s bad right now, really bad, actually. So bad that the fans booed the team in the home opener against the Houston Texans, of all teams, on Sunday.

It’s not the defense. They are doing their job. Could they be better? Of course. But they are playing just fine. The offense, however, could be worlds better and should be.

The product they have been putting out on the field for two weeks now is awful. And, just to make matters worse, both teams the Broncos have played are projected to be two of the worst in football.

The play has been so bad that they are breaking records, for all the wrong reasons.

The Broncos offense is historically bad

This team is doing something on offense that hasn’t been done in 30 years.

According to James Palmer of NFL Network, the Broncos have had five straight goal-to-go drives without scoring a touchdown, which is tied for the longest streak by any team to start a season in 30 years.

This team, this roster, and this coaching staff should not be breaking these kinds of records.

All we have heard the last few years is how good this team could be if they just had a decent quarterback. Well, now they have one of the best and highest paid in the league. So, was that really all it was?

A lot of the early struggles so far this year have to deal with the coaching, rather than Russell Wilson, like many social media experts will make you believe. Yes, Wilson can be better as well, but he isn’t completely at fault here.

First-year head coach Nathaniel Hackett and his ability to put the offense in better situations is what has gotten the team to where they are. Running the ball is a prime example.

On Sunday against the Texans, the Broncos were destroying them on the ground with both Javonte Williams and Melvin Gordon. The stats may not show that completely because of the number of carries they had, but the team averaged 4.8 yards per carry.

Williams averaged five yards per carry and at one point was averaging six.

With all of that going on, the Broncos still decided to throw the ball on the goal line three straight times. It was very reminiscent of the goal-line play in Super Bowl 49.

“Yeah, when we got down there we wanted to give Courtland a chance early and it looked like we had the touchdown, but they ended up calling it out,” Hackett told reporters. “Had the same thing, then you know Russ [Wilson] decided to throw that one, and we gave him the go on that one, and he didn’t come down with it.

“When you are in a third down situation and decide to pass it, that was kind of that first one. But, there were definitely some things we liked in the passing game because of how they put everybody in the box. In the end, we got to be able to run it down there we got to run it downhill, and might have to run over somebody.”

Everything about this game was just bad in terms of the offense. There is so much to take away from this “win,” if that’s what we are calling it, all of it bad.

This team has to be better overall. Hopefully, things get turned around and they are breaking records for the right reasons instead of the wrong.

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