The 2022 NFL season hasn’t started quite the way we had wished for the Denver Broncos. Yes, they are 1-1, and it isn’t the end of the world, but some definite problems need fixing.

We thought that this team would come in and start having success right away, and that just hasn’t been the case. The defense has struggled at times, and the offense has struggled more. The coaching, I don’t know if I even need to break that down.

It hasn’t been great. The rain of boos from the home fans in the home opener will give that away as well.

The Broncos still won on Sunday, so there is always that to be proud of. However, things could stay the same with the recent information the head coach provided us with.

Broncos’ Hackett explains thoughts on the offense

In Week 1 against the Seattle Seahawks, both the offense and defense had some struggles of their own. Now, the defense picked it up, but the offense didn’t. In Week 2 against the Houston Texans, the defense was great. The offense was not.

With the offensive weapons, this team has surrounded by a perennial Pro Bowl quarterback like Russell Wilson, they shouldn’t be having these types of problems.

The Broncos are making bad play calls at certain times, and I think everyone knows that. When they should be running the ball, it feels like Hackett wants to ‘let Russ cook.’ However, Hackett seems to think differently.

He was asked on Monday if the team would consider a different play calling system, or possibly someone else calling the plays, and this is what he said.

“I think I’ll continue the play calling,” Hackett told the media. “I think that has been pretty efficient up to this point, we have done a good job moving the ball. We have had a good plan from that standpoint, we just have to finish those drives.

“I think from the game management standpoint, I think we just have to tighten the whole thing up. A lot of us are all working together for the first time, we just want to be sure we are more efficient in that and have the ability to make better decisions and quicker decisions.”

There are a few things to take away from his answer:

First, five of the Broncos’ 10 offensive drives resulted in a punt, which means five of the 10 drives resulted in no points being put on the board.

If the offense is moving so well, why are points not being put on the board? The Broncos ended the first half against the Houston Texans with six points or two field goals.

Second, Hackett is right on the play calling being efficient. It’s been efficiently bad. Why do you have two running backs that are averaging over five yards per carry in the game, and you don’t give it to them once in a goal-to-go situation to score a touchdown? Instead, you throw it three straight times and settle for three points.

Thirdly, from the game management standpoint, yes it does need to be tightened up. However, it should have already been tightened up. You had a whole off-season, training camp, and preseason to get those types of things ready. I understand Week 1, but Week 2 at home against one of the worst teams in the league is unacceptable.

I’m fine with letting things continue the way they are for a couple more weeks because I do have faith that they can change. However, I think these questions will need to be asked to Hackett again soon if it’s not fixed by then.

As a first-time head coach, maybe he should let someone else call the plays so he isn’t so stressed with everything on his plate at once. It isn’t a bad idea. A ton of coaches around the league let their offensive coordinators call the plays.

Hopefully, things get fixed, because this team has so much potential. I will say this, though. Last season, the Chiefs had very similar struggles to start the season. They went on to host their fourth-straight AFC Championship game.

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