The Denver Broncos might have one of the biggest sleepers in the NFL on their roster.

Wide receiver Brandon Johnson, an undrafted free agent who played for the Tennessee Vols and UCF in college, is receiving rave reviews already from teammates during training camp.

Johnson started his career at Tennessee, spending five seasons with the Vols before transferring to UCF for his final season of eligibility.

The Florida native had a tough time finding his groove during college. His best season at Tennessee came in 2017 when he caught 37 passes for 482 yards and 1 touchdown.

Last season at UCF, Johnson showed he has a nose for the end zone by catching 38 passes for 565 yards and 11 touchdowns.

Tennessee wide receiver Brandon Johnson (7) at practice on Thursday, August 8, 2019.
Kns Vols Romanharrison

Part of the reason Johnson never broke out in college was because of the adversity he dealt with at Tennessee.

Johnson had two different head coaches, four different offensive coordinators, and a multitude of starting quarterbacks. It’s hard for anyone to find much success in that type of situation.

Now that Johnson is in an ideal situation, he might finally be able to reach his full potential.

The Broncos may have found a nice hidden gem in Johnson. The early returns certainly seem to suggest that they did.

Featured image via Ron Chenoy-USA TODAY Sports