This past off-season, the Denver Broncos, along with nine other teams, hired a new head coach. So far, there have been mixed result around the league.

A handful of the new hires sit at 3-6 or 3-5 currently.

Brian Daboll and Kevin O’Connell have found the most success. Daboll has the Giants at 6-2, and the Vikings are 7-1 under O’Connell.

That may be a bit painful for the Broncos. They interviewed their now head coach Nathaniel Hackett as well as O’Connell.

One of them has struggled while the other has his team in first place.

The Broncos’ offense has been the biggest question mark. Unfortunately, that is Hackett’s biggest duty as the new HC.

The Broncos felt that his work in Green Bay would translate to Denver.

They also probably thought that his relationship with Aaron Rodgers may swing a trade to the Broncos during this past off-season. That didn’t happen.

Now, Broncos’ fans can only consider what could have been if they made the other choice at head coach.

What would this team look like under O’Connell? Would the offense be as dynamic as the one in Minnesota or O’Connell’s past work with the Rams?

We may never know.

The Broncos’ front office could end up kicking themselves for years because of that one decision.

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